1,001 Data Visualizations of Indiana

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Project Explanation

Search “1,001” on any site that sells or catalogs books and you’ll return a ton of results.

There’s “1,001 Books You Must Read Before You Die”, “1,001 Best Slow-Cooker Recipes”, “1,001 Inventions That Changed the World”, and many other such results.

I’m not sure where this trend started (probably with One Thousand and One Nights?) but it’s a fancier way of saying “a lot” or “comprehensive list”.

In the spirit of doing “a lot” of something, I’m starting a new project called: 1,001 Data Visualizations of Indiana. My goal will be to make data visualizations on as many aspects of Indiana that I find interesting or important. To date, I’ve primarily focused on making things like election maps and population change spreadsheets. Part of aim of this new project is to expand my horizons, both in the subject matter I’m analyzing and in the tools I’m using. This site is built on the R platform and I intend on making most of my maps, charts, and graphs with that technology moving forward, rather that relying on things like Excel and Google Sheets.

It will be both an opportunity for me to improve my skills and for you to learn some things about the Hoosier state. Will I actually get to 1,001? Who knows, but I’m going to try!

Visualizations will be posted on the Blog page of this site, tagged with “1,001 Data Viz” and a full list will be cataloged on this page.

Thanks for visiting my site.